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Open Mic called Life…


You stand there to sing,

You feel your beating heart.

You want to carry out the tune;

But you don’t know where to start.

You know that you’re the only;

The one who’s not afraid to stand.

Yet, you feel all of life is still;

Save the shaking of your hands.

You give one good glance;

You look out among the crowd.

All the many faces are out so far;

 Yet, Their voices so close, so loud.

You open your mouth gently,

Until words of pureness pour.

You started the melodious tune;

The crowd speaks no more.

Your heart begins to beat faster,

You start to feel that rush.

Nothing but your voice is sounding;

Whilst the multitude is hushed.

You’re almost done with singing,

A smile makes it’s way.

While the crowd gets to cheering

Begging you to stay!

You feel as though you’re floating.

Nothing better could describe;

When you walk from the platform,

Feeling excited and alive.

Every day is an open mic

You get the chance to stand, to speak.

Although, you may be nervous;

It’s the easiest way to lead.

~ Winks


Leave it in the Past


Leave it in the past,
Throw it all behind.
Focus on the forward,
Mold your scattered mind.

Try not to worry too much,
Keep it calm and cool.
Focus on the task at hand;
For once, don’t play the fool.

Give it all you got,
Call it quits when you choose.
Don’t come whining to me,
When you feel you always lose.

Try and be the bigger person,
Though you feel it tough.
Try and give forgiveness,
Even when it’s not enough.

You never know who you are,
Until you know where you stand.
Quit acting like a wave,
Tossed and turned o’er the sand.

Keep your guard, stand straight.
Remember to think fast.
Throw away your doubt and fear,
And leave it in the past.