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I keep running…


I’m scared of what is,

The feelings that my heart holds.

So I keep running.

– Winks


Going with the Flow

Amicalola Falls.jpg

Maybe it’s the rush,

Or possibly the glow;

I can not help but deny,

Going with the flow.

I was made to stand,

Or possibly to show.

I can not be like everyone,

Going with the flow.

I must take a leap out;

Step where I don’t know.

I can not make my choices,

Going with the flow.

Be who you’re supposed to be,

Go where you need to go.

You will never find your purpose,

Going with the flow.

Don’t turn back to the crowd.

Carry good seeds you must sew.

Remember, greatness isn’t achieved

Going with the flow.


The Moment I Get It Together…


The moment I get it together,

Is the moment I fall apart.

I think I’ve finally got it;

This so-called matter of the heart.

I act, as if, all is well;

Nothing phases me at all.

My brokenness one can’t tell;

For your name I do not call.

I know one day, very soon,

It’ll all catch up to me.

I’ll break down in a public room,

For the whole wide world to see.

This emotion all held in,

By a very,fragile string.

I knew you’d always win,

As my tears begin to sing.

The song of lost hope,

The look of lost love.

My dreams in a scope,

Fled away like a dove.

The hole that may be,

The wonder that’ll remain.

I can’t help but see,

The rainbows in the rain.

The moment I get it together,

Used to be the moment I fell apart.

I’ve learned to face my weather,

And have been acquainted with my heart.


If Love…


If Love could take your hand,

Would you let it?

If Love could understand,

Would you fret it?

If Love never turned away,

Would you face it?

If Love decided to play,

Would you chase it?

If Love needed a ride,

 Would you take it?

 If Love was honest with you,

 Would you fake it?

If Love decided to hide,

 Would you find it?

 If Love walked by your side,

 Would you mind it?

If Love was sick,

Would you treat it?

If Love was a stranger,

Would you greet it?

If Love was for a season,

Would you risk it?

If Love was but a moment,

Would you miss it?

If Love was a puzzle,

Would you complete it?

If Love hurt you once,

Would you dare to repeat it?