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In the beginning…

There is a beginning to everything, so here I am beginning my new beginning. I wondered if I should even start a blog because, let’s be honest, my attention span is that of a water bottle… baffled??? exactly. I am a wife and a mother, so to find time for myself is very limited. I have always had high expectations for myself, whether it be to be a writer, a photographer, a singer, an actor… and well… I did become a photographer, so that’s half a gold star 🙂 I realize, I am a writer when I choose; a singer when I want; and an actor in my own life drama every single day. I have been through many things in my almost 32 years of life that brought me to this new beginning. [I’d like to insert, that as I write this, the guy at the next table just spilled his coffee all over the place, it wasn’t me for once– this is a moment that helps me feel I had something in order today– I didn’t spill my drink all over! However, I did help him clean it up:)] Anyway, where was I… ah, yes, a start, a new start where I choose to be different this year. I want to push myself further than I have before; learn more than I had in previous years; be the best I can be in every aspect of life. This blog is for me to write down my thoughts, perceptions, joys, miseries all in the way I want to share them. I may make mountains out of molehills or whatever people say. I may be a little more dramatic and emotional than other females, but it’s me and I plan to be just who I am. I plan to provide encouragement to the discouraged; a laugh to the serious-hearted; a tear to the tough; and confusion to the ones that have it “all figured out”. Join me on this journal journey… I have no clue where I am headed 🙂valentine