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I find at day’s ending

That I begin to reflect,

The choices I’ve made,

The things I did permit.

I wondered if I,

Let the good come in,

If I faded out anxiety,

And didn’t let it win.

When the night finally falls,

I pray about my life.

I close my eyes to sleep,

And fade out my night.

I hope to arise,

In the morning so bright,

Keep pursuing goals,

And in life, I’ll







via Daily Prompt: Permit



The way I behold life is probably quite different than most. I walk into the world and behold every creature that walks around and I truly study them: each and every one with their different quirks and ticks (I know, I sound like a creeper). Some have dark features; some have fair skin; some have deep voices; and some talk with a monotone voice enough to drive one crazy.

I have noticed that not everyone is as they appear though when it comes to the outward/inward aspects. I come to see that the ones with the happiest appearances are broken inside. The happiness that they wear is almost as a clothing that masks what is underneath. You know the part that no one wants or needs to see. On the other hand, you have the ones who appear as paupers on the store corners; however, after finding out, one learns they are very wealthy; living in a high-end suburb of the city. We are humans, creatures of many talents and tricks, and I can’t help but believe that that is where we have to start exercising our trust- believing and having faith in something until it’s proved otherwise.

We are creatures that are strong enough to live a lie, to be one thing on the outside and a totally different person underneath. We are creatures weak enough to admit when we have this problem. We are creatures who have the power enough to change our ways and be someone we are proud of both on the outside and the inside. We are creatures who have the willpower to believe the best about others; and when we believe in another, this ultimately has potential to reshape their underground secrets and withered will.

I have found that when I stop to behold this life and the creatures called humans, I stand in awe. I stand amazed at the potential each one holds. I am taken back by what each one is capable of accomplishing. I have made it my goal to be that creature who believes in another and lights their inner light; to show them their heavenly potential and trust that they can be true both inside and out. My challenge to all: see the flawed, see the flawless, see their folly and be a difference to them. Fomacs1_web


via Daily Prompt: Creature

Love is inscrutable

Love is inscrutable,

That’s what makes it so beautiful.

We all can’t understand,

The love inside of each man.


The love of a brother,

And the sacrifice of a mother.

The selflessness of a stranger,

That protects us from danger.


Love breaks the strong,

Brings tears to the wrong.

Captures the smiles of the broken,

Speaks the words that can’t be spoken.


I will always choose love,

When push comes to shove.

Because love is inscrutable,

It makes life much more beautiful.







via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable


I wake up and immediately he’s there… “You can’t do anything, you won’t make it out of the house today. You’re going to stay home and give excuses to everyone who wants you to come out.” I tell him to leave me alone. He doesn’t know me, or who I am, or know about the plans that I have… I have to say this over and over and over,  but he doesn’t seem to listen.  I get ready: do my hair and makeup, and pick out some stylish clothes. He’s leaving me alone; he isn’t even bothering me right now. For a minute, it’s like he was never even there.

`After I get all ready, and I finally go to leave– He shakes me! I feel cold, numb, my heart is beating out of my chest, and I can’t get a deep breath… What’s going on with me, why is this happening? I feel like I should call someone to help me get this man away, but it’s no use. He always finds me.

He finally stops shaking me and the feelings of numbness and the cold subside. I am able to catch my breath now. I breathe slowly in and out, and I finally grab my keys and leave. If I go fast enough and keep focused, I won’t notice he’s following me or lurking close by. I go to the store and make a few pit stops here and there. One of my friends call me and ask if I want to meet up with them for a bit. I say, “sure, would love it!” I get so excited. I can’t wait to go chat with my girls and tell them about the day, or catch up on the latest gossip. I pull into the coffee shop and I see my friends walking in, but they don’t see me. I go to shut off my car and the next thing I know, he’s in my car sitting in my passenger’s seat. “Why?! Why?! Can’t I get a break?!” Then it all starts again… He starts shaking me and sending chills to my very core… this time, he doesn’t choke me, but I have to definitely focus on every breath, lest I die. Finally, he gets out of my car and goes away. I decide it’s probably best to pull away and go back home. I call my friend and tell her that something came up and I’ll have to meet up some other time.

I get home and I start to make dinner. I find a TV program I love and for a bit I’m great! I feel at peace and  I’m comfortable. Yay! Tonight is going to be a good night! My hope is that he will leave me alone and not come barging in my house; I mean he is definitely an unwanted visitor. Anyway, the time goes by and I start to get ready for bed. I take a nice warm shower, put on some comfy jammies, and make sure everything is locked and the lights are off. I walk down the hall and head toward my bedroom. I have that feeling again… someone is watching… I crawl into bed and set my alarm. I still have that weird feeling… just then I realize it’s him; he’s a silhouette, standing in my bedroom doorway… he’s waiting for me to fall asleep, just to wake me up in the middle of the night and terrify me… I’m sure you have heard of him… His name is Anxiety. shadpw-person-mcallen-672x300

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