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I find at day’s ending

That I begin to reflect,

The choices I’ve made,

The things I did permit.

I wondered if I,

Let the good come in,

If I faded out anxiety,

And didn’t let it win.

When the night finally falls,

I pray about my life.

I close my eyes to sleep,

And fade out my night.

I hope to arise,

In the morning so bright,

Keep pursuing goals,

And in life, I’ll







via Daily Prompt: Permit


Love is inscrutable

Love is inscrutable,

That’s what makes it so beautiful.

We all can’t understand,

The love inside of each man.


The love of a brother,

And the sacrifice of a mother.

The selflessness of a stranger,

That protects us from danger.


Love breaks the strong,

Brings tears to the wrong.

Captures the smiles of the broken,

Speaks the words that can’t be spoken.


I will always choose love,

When push comes to shove.

Because love is inscrutable,

It makes life much more beautiful.







via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable