Captivating Moments

As I reflect and reminisce about past days, many captivating things I have encountered were brought to my mind. I would love to name a few:

1. The sight of Niagara Falls.  I was blessed to be able to live only a mere hour and a half away from this beautiful wonder. I am amazed at the stories and the sight of Niagara Falls. It truly is a beautiful and breathtaking place.

2. The sunset over Lake Ontario in Rochester, NY. If you haven’t witnessed it for yourself, you’re missing out. I remember staring at the sunset asking God to never let that day end. It was the most beautiful days I was able to behold.

3. The sound of thousands of women singing praises to God. This is by far one of my most captivating experiences. I was a part of a Beth Moore retreat in Greenville, S.C. where I heard thousands of women singing worship songs. I closed my eyes and for a moment I felt like I was in heaven worshipping. It truly was a very powerful experience.

4. The sight of my baby boy being given to me after I delivered him. This moment was both captivating and so precious. The joy and flood of emotions were so immense when I saw his beautiful face for the first time. It has been over two years already since I had my boy, and rethinking about that moment still captivates my heart and my mind. 

5. The intricacies and lives of humans. Although, this may sound silly. I am captivated by people. People are captivating whether in looks or personality. There is something of hidden beauty to be seen in most people. Those that do not identify as a good human being are definitely captivating too. What made them be who they are? Why did they choose to make wrong choices? What kind of family were they raised in? People are so interesting to me and I enjoy learning about as many as I can.

I could name so many other things that I have seen and experienced in my life, but I will save that for another day and another time. Hope you enjoyed. AbeAbes Bday01-4

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