Teacher Talk

Many people overlook the tremendous help of a mnemonic tool. As a former English teacher, these were the tools I used to help the students understand a concept or learn a certain spelling group. Not only can mnemonic tools help students, but they can help any person anywhere.

I have found that the most useful mnemonic tool is changing something into a song. Everyone loves music and when something is put to a tune it makes it 100% easier to learn. For example, when I worked in a small Christian school with about 12 students aging 7-10, I would try to find easy ways for them to learn their Bible verses. I decided to put each group of verses to a tune. Voila! A 7-year-old was able to learn a whole chapter just by putting a tune to the verses. There is power in this certain mnemonic tool.

I tried to make this teaching tip short and sweet. So, no matter if you are 7 or 77, find a mnemonic tool that works for you. If you have a presentation to make and have to memorize what you have to say, make it into a song or a jingle. You will remember it when you stand before the executives or the large audience. Hope this helps! Teacher-PNG-Pic

via Daily Prompt: Mnemonic


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